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Chicks are growing!

They are growing!Chicken coop and run

Here’s a picture of the chicks. I’ve actually had a couple of friends ask for updated pictures so here they are! I moved them outside to their chicken run/coop this week. The weather is warm enough for them as long as I keep a light bulb glowing at night. This weekend, I’ll probably have to leave it on all day as well since the coop isn’t insulated yet. Chicks have to be about 12 weeks old and completely feathered out to regulate their body temp. (in addition to pictures, you actually learn a tidbit or two when you come to visit me here).

I still haven’t been in my studio – 3 weeks now! I’m feeling pretty antsy to create, but at the same time really don’t have the presence of mind to do so. On the up side of why I’m not in my studio, Rachel and Adam are settling in to living here temporarily. Rachel finished her second week on the job today; she seems to enjoy it. Adam begins his new job on Monday. This week, he’s looked at over 50 houses trying to find one that both he and Rachel can agree on. She’s been meeting him and the real estate agent in the late afternoon after work to look at the houses Adam liked during that day of looking at houses. They have 2 or 3 to look at tomorrow. They are both hoping one of them will say “ME! ME!, Buy ME!” 🙂

So, for now, it’s a house full of family which is a good thing; a coop full of chickens that entertain us; and a studio that says “hey! when you coming back?”.

Until next time – and I promise I WILL put up art at some point soon!



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  1. DeLane, Ch9 just said it was only going to be a high of 47 for Sunday, will they be warm enough in the coop at that temp? They sure have grown!


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