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Belly dance

Some of you know I’ve been taking Belly Dance lessons for a year now. I tend to gush when I talk about belly dance because of how much fun it is and how I have changed over the past year while studying it. There are a lot of misconceptions about belly dance and I’m always sad to see or hear them. 

My second recital is coming up and I’ve been spending most of my free time working on my costume for the recital. I am still a beginner student so I am allowed to wear whatever I want. Each of us in the beginner recital will be wearing similar outfits in that we will be in skirts or flowy pants with hip belts and bras or cholis. But they will differ in fabric, design, color, and embellishment. It’s always a feast for the eyes to have a group of dancers perform!

 A Lane Bryant bra is used as my base for my top:  I added glass beads, rhinestone and glass bead trim and red fabric.  The hip belt was made from an old piece of denim, heavy pellon and wonder under to fuse all the layers together. I then trimmed the belt to match the bra. 

I will be wearing a red, floor length,  full circle skirt with a petal skirt on top of the skirt, and then finally, the hip belt on top of the two skirts.

All the construction is done by hand with needle and thread!  Took me hours but I love the results!


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Full time wife, mother, grandmother; friend to many; crazy aunt to a few. Avid lover of reading; 'making something from nothing'; karate! (Tang Soo!); nature and gardening though trying to cut back on time spent pulling weeds! Lover of essential oils!

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  1. I must say the pictures don’t do it justice! It’s even more glamorous & exquisite in real life.

  2. Thanks! Pictures rarely do anything justice! I appreciate your comment and I’m so glad you came to read my blog!

  3. Just skimming through blogs randomly and thought I would drop a quick comment!

    Good luck with your upcoming event and the colour of this bedleh set will be a knockout on stage!

  4. It is beautiful!!! You will look ravishing ! What is a cholis? Good luck in your performance! Susan

  5. A Cholis is a dance top that varies in actual shape BUT tends to cover the shoulders and arms. They can be fully covering in the front from scoop neck to just under the bra and fully open in the back with ties at the neck and bottom. Or they can fully cover the back and tie in the front – these are usually fairly exposing with the tie just under the bra. Most have long sleeves and tend to have big flowy bottom halves of the sleeves. The ones I’ve tried on don’t feel as ‘secure’ when I dance. I’m thinking I may have to make a pattern for myself!

  6. befor I fully read what you wrote about your costume I saw the pictures and thought “oh my!”! I thought the belt was your skirt! It is beautiful and very creative of you.


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