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4 Pieces Project

A while back I showed you a picture of my pig. Remember??? 

One of my groups, the Pandoras, set out this year to do a project together. We each took a picture of something we liked and thought would be challenging to the group. My picture was of the little ceramic pig I have in my garden.  I blew up the picture to 18 x 24 (roughly) and then cut it into 4 pieces.  Each member of the Pandoras (Susan Knapp, Grace Howes, Lushorn Millsaps, and myself) took one piece of the picture and was to make a quilt to correspond with the picture. Colors were to be matched as closely as possible, but otherwise each member could do anything they wanted. No holds barred – push the envelope….. 

I received my last piece of the picture this month. I was so excited about how it turned out I had to put it together right away.  It’s hanging in my living room for now. 

Here is my Four Pieces Project:

my garden pig

my garden pig

To give credit:   The top right was done by Lushorn Millsaps; Bottom right by Susan Knapp; Bottom left by Grace Howes; and I did the top left.  Didn’t these ladies do a spectacular job?!


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Full time wife, mother, grandmother; friend to many; crazy aunt to a few. Avid lover of reading; 'making something from nothing'; karate! (Tang Soo!); nature and gardening though trying to cut back on time spent pulling weeds! Lover of essential oils!

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  1. It looks really great all together, DeLane!

  2. You all did such an incredible job each in her own unique style, adds a nice touch to the quilt!

  3. Wow, it’s amazing how well it came together. It’s like looking at the same scene through 4 different panes of glass.


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