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The Art of Cloth

I want to share with you some pictures from our gallery show at the Cultural Center in Lincolnton, NC.  The show has been open since June 3rd and will remain open through next week, July 2nd.  I know many of you will not be able to attend and really wanted to see what the show looks like. Here are a few pictures to give you an impression of what we’ve done.
DeLane's portion of the show

DeLane's portion of the show

 This is my corner of the main gallery.  The pedestal to the left has my Nuno felted scarf hung onone side and my knitted, felted bag on the other.  The far pedestal has one of my pieces on it – my Treasure Box.

Grace Howes and me with Art Cloth

Grace Howes and me with Art Cloth

 This is the Art Cloth I’ve spoken of over the past year.  We started one year ago with 40 yards of white fabric and we dyed all the fabric ourselves. The fabric was dyed, overdyed, and then embellished and manipulated in many and sundry ways by each of the members of FAB.  Each member made 24 small quiltlets ranging in size from 3″x3″ up to about 12″x12″.  Then these 120 small quiltlets were fitted together and sewn until we had this final piece. It roughly measures 72″x84″. We are very proud.

2009 gallery 082

This is a picture looking towards the front of the gallery taken with my back against the far wall. The doorway you see leads into the smaller gallery where we hung our group challenges.  These were pieces we each made individually based on a challenge from the group.

Our round robin challenge pieces
Our round robin challenge pieces

This particular challenge is the one we called our round robin. We each started with a piece of paper 24″x36″. We then cut our papers into 5 smaller pieces in any shape and size we wanted. We then chose a theme and using one of the pieces of paper, made a quilt top in the exact size and shape of the paper.  This small quilt top and all the pieces of paper were then passed to another member of the group. They were to choose one of the remaining pieces of paper and make a quilt top in its size and shape to fit with the overall theme and color scheme.  Four members made wallhangings; I made a jacket. 

2009 gallery 010

Here I am with my “Cold Feet Contest”.  It will be going to Syracuse to hang in the “Quilting By the Lake” show the day after I take it down in Lincolnton.

I hope seeing a little of our work inspires you.

Anyone who has not yet seen our show, “The Art of Cloth”, and wants to see it has one week left to go.  The hours are Tues – Fri 10 – 5.  The Cultural Center is located on Main Street in Lincolnton, NC.


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  1. I love the Art Cloth! Any close-up pictures available (gotta work, so I won’t be able to come see the exhibit)?
    Also, love the dress–those are great pictures of you!

  2. Wow this is marvelous Delane – I’ll make sure I get a pic of it for you hanging – I can’t wait to see it in person!! The show looks great. What a wonderful space – you do it justice!

  3. I love your art piece! It is wonderful! I saw it today at the show in Syracuse. Thanks!



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