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I’m back….

Wow!  Seems like I just disappeared off the face of the earth this summer. Soon after my last post, we went to Pennsylvania for Steve’s annual kayak and canoe races:

August 2009 blog pics 015

 Then, as soon as we returned home, life began to revolve around my son’s wedding. Most of what I was doing was “boring” for blogging….   I cleaned all the garden beds (all 11 of them!) moving plants around and dividing perennials. Then we found a gentleman who agreed to paint the house for an excellent price and get it done before the wedding.  When I mentioned wanting rock work done on the house, he recommended another man and within 2 more weeks, the house’s foundation was completely rocked. The house looks great! (I don’t have a picture yet, but I promise to post one soon).

While Gary and his son cleaned, washed, and painted the house, I painted the dock, cleaned and sealed the deck,  painted all the doors on the house and then I painted our chicken coop and shed to match. 

House painting 2009 007

Although all of this was normal household upkeep, our impetus was having 40 people here at the house for the rehearsal dinner. There were many friends and family members coming in from out of town for the wedding and Steve and I really wanted them to be able to visit with Ted and Lauren on the eve of the wedding. This shot is of the tent in the front yard where I had 2 tables.

rehearsal 2

In the midst of these activities, I was also helping Lauren and Ted with the wedding. They were married on the 17th and the wedding was beautiful!  We are thrilled to welcome Lauren into our family (feels like we did that months ago, but it’s now “official”).  I’ve been asked for pictures so here we go:


ted and lauren

man and wife

wedding 14

Lauren was walked down the aisle by her mom and dad

wedding 16

Ted, Adam (my son-in-law) and Steve

wedding 25

The music for walking back up the aisle was dance music – we were supposed to dance

wedding 27

And dancing with Lauren at the reception

Most of my quilting time was spent working on a wedding quilt for them. They had no idea I was making a quilt for them.  I mailed muslin squares to everyone I could think of and asked them to either write a message or decorate the square in some way that would be meaningful to Ted and Lauren. I received about 2/3 of them back. While I was waiting for the return of the muslin squares, I made rail fence squares out of the green fabrics in my stash. This is the best picture I have at the moment, but I’ve put the quilt in our local quilt show and will have a better picture of it once it is hung.

rehearsal 5

I promise not to disappear again for so long.


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  1. It is amazing how productive we get when we are hosting an event. I enjoyed looking at your pictures. Everyone looks beautiful/great. Thank you for sharing.

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