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Quilt show this week

My quilt guild, The Lake Norman Quilters, is having their bi-annual quilt show this weekend.  It truly takes a lot of hard work from many, many hands to pull off a successful quilt show. And if I do say so myself, we do an excellent job!

Yesterday was judging. We had two judges, Scott Murkin and Carol Larimer, judging our quilts.  The process is fascinating and I learn a lot from working with the judges.  First of all, the quilts are laid out by category on tables so the judges can work their way across the room. Each judge requires several people to help with the process.  Two people will hold the quilt up so the judge can see it as a whole. Then, while the judge examines the quilt more carefully, one person acts as a scribe writing down the judge’s comments and critiques. When the judge is done with the quilt, it is either released to be hung in the show or it is set aside for further consideration.  When the judge is done with a category, he or she goes back to those quilts set aside and re-examines them to decide on ribbon awards — 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and honorable mention.  There are also specialty ribbons awarded that they consider such as Best Use of Color, Best of Show, Best Quilting, etc.

Here I am holding a quilt for the judge to inspect:


And here are the judges considering one of my quilts for a specialty ribbon. I didn’t win it, but it was really nice to see that my work was being considered!


And here are the ladies that were still around at the end of the day:


From left to right:  Grace Howes, DeLane Rosenau, Joyce Mullis, Susan Dunne-Lederhaas, Cindy Magee, Cheryl Campbell, Barbara Barrier, Michele Sheets.

Today, several of us along with some new faces, were back to hang the small quilts on large sheets to make our day a little easier and a little shorter tomorrow.

Our president’s mom, Arline, came to help – she ironed a lot of large black sheets this morning!

2009 LNQ quilt show 002

Setting out the quilts by color, size, or grouping:

2009 LNQ quilt show 004

Hanging the small quilts on the large black sheets:

2009 LNQ quilt show 001

All the small quilts hung on black sheets are neatly rolled up (no folding so we don’t wrinkle the quilts!) and are safely stored at the church. Tomorrow they and all the large quilts will be transported to the school where another group of members (including me!) will hang all the quilts for the show.  Once all the quilts are up and the show is ready for the public, we’ll announce winners and hand out ribbons. I can’t wait to surprise the happy recipients!

I’ll be back with more quilt show news on Friday.


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