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2 weeks before Christmas….

I spent Monday with some good friends known as Pandoras.  We meet monthly with a goal of learning new techniques or new ways to use techniques we already know. Being with these ladies re-energizes me; I love our time together.  Monday we met and played with alcohol inks. These inks can be used on non-porous surfaces – I used them on some  metal washers, some metal scrapbooking doo-dads, a tin can, and even a Coke bottle I had rinsed out. I really these inks! I hope to play with them again soon.

These pincushions are a project designed by one of our members, Alisan Royster. She had these little cans that were originally gift card holders – way to up-cycle!!!  Aren’t they cute?!

Several of us played with inking washers. Mine are the reddish ones on the left. The shiny stuff is UTEE (Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel). I have an idea for making jewelry from mine. 

Thursdays are my day to meet at our local community center with a group of ladies who love to knit. We met yesterday and each brought goodies so we could eat and celebrate Christmas. Next Thursday is Christmas Eve and we won’t be meeting.  I was excited that I actually thought to take my camera AND remembered to get someone to take our picture!

This is our road this afternoon. We rarely get snow in our area of NC. We have about 2 inches outside right now, I don’t think we’re expecting any more overnight. We will be waking up to lots of ice, though!  Our dogs don’t like snow, can you tell?

For those of you who live with snow for months out of the year, this seems trivial. Our problem is that snow is so rare we have no good way of dealing with it except wait for mother nature to warm it up and melt it away. We come to a standstill as roads are hazardous.  We were supposed to have a Christmas party tonight with 21 people expected. Party had to be cancelled because of the weather.  We’ll re-schedule for January sometime.

So, that’s my week so far. I’m really hoping to sit and knit tomorrow!


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