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I’ve been wanting to share with you my word for the year.  I read a blog post a couple of years ago by Christine Kane that encouraged us to consider using a word to guide us during the year rather than making specific resolutions (that I’m NEVER able to keep).  I rather liked the idea and this year I chose the word “Intention” as my guiding word.  Some meanings can be 1) a wish that one means to carry out;  2)having a goal or determination to achieve something; 3) an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result; 4) a  purpose or attitude toward the effect of one’s actions or conduct.

 The way I’m thinking about this is that if I have intention in my life, I will be more likely to do those things leading to my goal, less so to do those leading me away. BUT, if I do choose to walk away for a while, I can come back to my goal without guilt or recrimination or feelings of failure.  Intention also frees me to incorporate so many aspects of my life: quilting, exercise, nutrition, finishing projects of various venues, travel, money, using space……
So that’s my word for 2010.  Intention.  I’ve used it over the past couple of weeks and I’ve found it is working well for me.  I wake in the morning thinking about what my “intentions” are for the day.  I’ve found myself more than once remembering the old adage “the road to hell are paved with good intentions”.   What choosing this word has done for me so far is guide me — I think about what it is I want to accomplish and then I try to involve myself in activities that lead me to the outcomes I want.  I’m not always successful, but I know that even one action towards my goal is meeting my ultimate goal of “intention”.
I’ve had an up and down week. Was diagnosed with a sinus infection that really started on Christmas Eve. Finally started feeling poorly over last weekend and then started a fever on Sunday.  Finally gave up and saw the doctor and got some antibiotics so I could start feeling better.  I am.  BUT, in the midst of that, I was still able to meet a couple of goals:
I started a sweater last year and stopped partway through the second sleeve. I decided I wanted to wear it so I found it, and got started on it again. It’s done and I wore it yesterday! I love it!  The buttons are sawn reindeer antlers that I bought in Alaska in 2001.
The goal I met today was I actually swam a whole mile!  I started swimming in December and could barely swim 10 laps.  Quite an improvement and I’m proud of myself.
So, it’s been a good week.   If you haven’t read Christine Kane’s blog I encourage you to do so.  And I encourage you to think about and choose a word to guide you through 2010.

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