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Steve and I flew to Germany on the 22nd with Rachel and Adam to meet Ted and Lauren in Frankfurt for a week’s vacation. We had a wonderful time!  The picture above is of Rachel and me walking in Dachau, Germany last Tuesday.  It snowed the entire time we were gone, but we didn’t let it stop us from seeing what we wanted to see.

Dachau is a beautiful, small German town. Steve, Rachel, and I took the subway over to walk around and see what was there. One goal Rachel and I had was to find a yarn shop.  We were walking down this sidewalk and saw a tea shop along the way; we stopped in and using sounds like “click, click” and making knitting motions and pointing to our sweaters and hats, we managed to convey our wishes for a yarn shop to the owner who spoke a little English. She was able to tell us how to find the shop in town.

Here’s Rachel looking at yarn.  We found some beautiful yarns! And the prices were excellent for those yarns made in Europe. We were looking for yarns that we can’t find here in the US.  Once I had chosen a few yarns I walked around the shop and found shelves of fabric – turns out the store was a combination quilting/sewing/knitting store.  What amazed me were the prices on the fabric.

I ought to back track just a moment and remind you that I was in Italy in November. I found a quilting store in Venice and was astounded by the prices there.  With the exchange rate, 1 Euro is equal to $1.50 US dollars.  One meter of fabric is 3 inches longer than our US yard (39 inches to a meter vs 36 inch yard).  In Venice, the fabrics I found were 17 Euro a meter — that’s $25.50 a meter.

In this shop in Germany where the yarns were so reasonably priced, the fabrics were quite expensive:  She had a few bolts of fabric that I would compare to our Hancock’s Fabrics or Walmart quality fabrics (coarse to the touch and a looser weave) and those were priced at 6 to 8 Euro a meter ($9 to $12).  Most of her fabric was a very nice quality similar to what I expect to find in our local quilting stores — those were priced hold your breath…….  at 28 to 39 Euro a meter  ($42 to $60).   

What I kept thinking is that these women must really love to sew and are devoted to their craft.

The next time I am tempted to complain about the price of fabric here in the US, I hope I can remember my “sisters” in Europe and the price they have to pay to create their works of art.


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