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Germany in January 2010

We flew into Frankfurt on Saturday around noon. Once we got our luggage and picked up our rental car, we drove to Heidelberg for lunch and to walk around town.  This is a picture of the town of Heidelberg from up on top of the hill where sits a castle. (yes, we walked to the top of the hill to see the castle!)

Sunday morning, we drove into Rothenberg. It was a small walled city. Unfortunately, everything is closed on Sundays except for the occasional bakery. We saw lots of shops we wished were open!

We did find this lovely little bakery where we got mulled wine and apple streudel.  Plus it was WARM inside!   😉

This little bakery was closed, but I loved the faces made from bread dough!

Sunday afternoon found us in Nurnberg. This is the town square.

Steve and me on the subway to Dachau. I’m practicing taking our own picture.

When we got off the train in Dachau, we had no idea where to go. The town had these maps on street corners here and there. It was really nice and made us feel welcome.  It was snowing and cold. We were wearing long underwear, winter clothes, scarves, hats, gloves, wool socks, and winter boots and we were STILL cold!  Temperatures were really cold while we were there – daytime highs were running between 1 and -10 Celsius!!!!

Steve and me  walking through a small park we found with pretty bridges over a stream that ran through the town.  The little “cloud” is my breath. I forgot to hold my breath for the picture.

That afternoon we toured downtown Munich. We walked through the old church and then went up the tower in the town hall. Here we are at the top of the tower – wind is blowing and it is still snowing….

See that light colored tower? That’s the tower we were at the top of in the last picture.

And this is the church we toured. It was heavily bombed during WWII; the pictures they had of it were very sad. Nice to see it so nicely rebuilt.

This is the main street in old town Salzburg. I love the signs hanging outside each shop.

We found Mozart’s birthplace and we were surprised to find we were there ON his birthday. How cool is that? We did not go in, they wanted 7 Euro to see it and from the outside looked like it couldn’t be more than just 2 or 3 rooms.

Right around the corner from Mozart’s birthplace, down a small alley, we found this small area that looked like a winter wonderland.

This is the abbey were Maria from Sound of Music spent her time as a novitiate.  The abbey is built into the side of a large mountain. The catacombs where the Von Trapps escaped are behind those arches on the right. The catacombs go back into the cliff of the mountain. I was upset that we missed getting to see the catacombs by exactly 1 minute!  Do you see the castle way up at the top?  YES, we climbed all the way up. There’s a cog train that goes up and we were looking forward to not having to walk — the train was closed for the month of January!   So, up we WALKED!

And this is the view from the castle. Salzburg is beautiful.  And yes, it was cold AND snowing…. 😉

Halfway back down from the castle.

At the bottom of the hill in front of a pretty fountain. A group of handball players from Palermo, Italy took our picture for us.

This was our hotel in Garmish, Germany. Fairly typical of the style in Bavaria.

A couple that spoke no English took our picture for us here. We are on our way from the hotel to the ski slopes where we were hoping to do some sledding.

Here are Ted and Lauren with their sleds.  Do you see how small they are? The sleds are called “sledges” and are one piece molded plastic.

AND if you get a sled, you also have to get a ski lift pass and you take that small plastic sled up the ski lift to the top of the hill and come down.  I was in line to go with the kids and the longer I stood, the more nervous I became and finally decided to chicken out and let the kids have their fun on their own.

I’m so glad I did. Steve and I waited 45 minutes for them to come down the hill. And the stories they told were almost unbelievable. They had come down what would be the equivalent of a black diamond slope on those silly little sleds.

They all made it safely down; you can see how snowy they are from the tumbles they took along the way.

Here is Neuschweinstein castle.  It is best known as the castle in “Chitty, Chitty, Bang Bang”.  It was built by Ludwig II.  It is beautiful and a typical ‘storybook’ castle. The inside is gilt and gold and has painted murals everywhere – most are scenes from operas written by Wagner.  We were not allowed to take photos inside the castle.

I wanted you to see that yes once again we walked UP a hill to see what we wanted to see.  The road meanders in a curving way up the hill ending with a couple of switchbacks at the top.

Steve and me in front of the castle once we got to the top. We had stripped off our hats and coats because we got so hot walking up. The walk takes about 40 minutes.

An American soldier headed home for leave offered to take our picture at the airport. We are pooped! And facing a 10 hour flight home.

The trip was wonderful – it was great to be with our kids in Germany. We have over 500 pictures, but it is impossible to share them all with you here. I wanted to give you a quick taste of how nice our trip was. If you’re interested in seeing them all, let me know and I’ll hook up the computer and share!


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  1. Beautiful photos, and I loved hearing about your adventures. I’m so envious!


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