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My local art group, the Pandoras, met on Monday at Grace’s house to learn how to use the PhotoEZ sheets to make our own screenprinting stencils.  What we find happens (too often) is that we all tend to be very creative and intuitive in how we work and we plunged ahead before thoroughly reading the directions. This left us a little frustrated at first as we attempted several times to make screens to end up with no images.  Alisan came in a little late and immediately picked up the directions and found our mistake. Once we made the adjustment, we each had success and are very happy and satisfied with this product. So much so that I placed an order last night for more materials for all of us so we can try again.

Here is our first attempt – you may be able to see if you look closely, that we have the PhotoEZ paper outermost facing the sun with our image directly below it.  THAT was our mistake.  These two items have to be reversed with the PhotoEZ paper layered under your image.  I don’t have a photo of it done correctly, but if you go to their website, they have great tutorials with photos:

This is the stencil I made.  The blue is the PhotoEZ  paper with my image burned into it. The black is Gorilla Tape (can be found at Walmart or Lowes Hardware) layered around the edges to make a frame for the stencil.  The stencil can be used over and over as long as it is cared for properly.  It must be washed thoroughly under running water and a soft brush immediately after each use. If paint is allowed to dry on it, the screen is ruined.  Then I lay it flat (shiny side up) to dry and then store in a file folder to keep it smooth and flat.

Here is my image taped to a piece of fabric. The gold you see is Lumiere paint that has been squeegee’d on.  I lifted the image carefully away from my fabric and here is my image:

I’m not sure yet what I want to do with this image, but ideas are running through my head!  I also have another idea for a great use for this particular image. I’ll keep you posted.  I’m expecting my new PhotoEZ sheets in the mail this weekend. If they arrive, I’ll be playing again and I’ll post more pictures.

I find this fascinating.


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  1. You all do the neatest things!


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