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tribal belly dance – kuchi bra

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Some of you have kept up with my crazy life and you know I’ve been dancing for a few years. Last summer I changed from Egyptian Cabaret style Belly dance to American Tribal style Belly dance.  The costuming is completely different so I’ve been doing a little playing this week. My first goal was to make a Tribal Bra to wear over my choli. 

I took a strapless bra with a cup size a bit bigger than I usually need. I chose strapless so the support that I need is there and I really like the ones from Lane Bryant because they have the no-skootch rubber stuff on the inside of the bra so it doesn’t slip around. I cut off the straps and the backs just beyond the cup itself. Then I cover it with a fancy fabric by hand. This fabric was pretty cool, but it was sort of a bronze color and it needed to be black. So I used “So Soft” paint and mixed it with a lot of Fabric Medium and used a small natural sponge to paint the entire bra.

Before painting:

After Painting:

Next I bought some braid and tassel trim to put on it:

Next, I took a trip to The Belly Dance Shop to buy Kuchi to put on the bra. Kuchi is Tribal Jewelry mainly from Afghanistan from what I understand (I’m learning as I go!).  I was delighted by the assortment of Kuchi at the shop. My friend Sophia met me there and she was a big help. She has an eye for costuming and she’s willing to share and teach – I love that about her.

I spent this afternoon sewing the Kuchi onto my bra:

One of the joys of this type of costuming is that I can continue to add “junk” to the bra as I find it. I’d like to add a few coins if I can find some at a good price.  I have a few pieces of Kuchi left that I want to use to make some jewelry.

I’m very pleased with my results. I wear it next Sunday when I dance with my class at DrumSTRONG.


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  1. Very fancy!


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