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Paper cloth

Our next Pandoras meeting is going to be at Susan Brubaker-Knapp’s house. The host chooses the project we will be doing that day. Susan has chosen a really cool project for us to do.  We’ve each purchased the book “Stitch Alchemy” by Kelli Perkins    and will be following her directions for making paper cloth.

We are wanting to make a specific project from her book which will require making the paper-cloth, embellishing it, and then cutting and sewing it into a finished item.  We cannot get all that done in one day, and we didn’t want to commit two Pandoras meetings to this one project so…… we each are to make a few sheets of paper-cloth ahead of time so it will be dry and ready for the next step when we get together next week.

Here is what I did Monday morning:

These are strips of scrapbook paper, tissue paper, a few sheets torn from an old Atlas and an old hymnal (I feel a little sacrilegious!)

And my piece of muslin.

And my paper-cloth ready to be set aside to dry.

I’ll add pictures next week when I get together with the Pandoras and paint and stamp and cut and sew…..


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Full time wife, mother, grandmother; friend to many; crazy aunt to a few. Avid lover of reading; 'making something from nothing'; karate! (Tang Soo!); nature and gardening though trying to cut back on time spent pulling weeds! Lover of essential oils!

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  1. That is pretty cool. I want to see what you do with it. What happen to the crazy jack-o-laterns you all were going to do?

  2. Stay posted, Liz!

  3. I am wondering how the hand of the cloth is after gluing it. Is it pliable? I am intrigued to try this technique on silk gauze or even poly voile. I am interested to see if it can be sewn on a machine unlike pure paper that tends to just perforate it and tear apart. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Deb, The hand is odd. It’s actually kind of rubbery due to all the glue, I think. I made another piece this morning with lots more paper on it just to see if that makes a difference. I don’t know yet about stitching it, but I’m thinking it probably will not perforate because of the rubbery texture.

    I’ll be playing with it on Monday – painting, stamping, cutting, stitching…. I’ll post again then.

  5. I am excited to see how this project progressed.


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