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Spoiler Alert for Rachel! Do not read further if you are wanting surprises at your baby showers!!!

Oh! Did I say Baby showers???!!!!  I got the go ahead about 2 weeks ago that I can now post about my ‘on his-or-her-way grandchild’!!!  Yes, Rachel and Adam are expecting. Due date is March 11th.  My closest friends and members of my quilt guild already know about this but I wanted to tell the rest of you about our good news.  This news is partly to “blame” for me not posting this late summer and fall. I’ve been busy making baby things! 

Rachel and Adam told us fairly early-just a few weeks along. Keeping that secret was hard! I wanted to tell the world!  We had (have) an answer to our prayers!) If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll know a group of friends and I get together to dye fabric every July. I found out about Rachel just in time.  I bought a couple of newborn onesies with long sleeves since it’s usually still cold around here until mid-April. I threw them in a couple of my dye baths and here’s my results:

This one was supposed to be bright red. With the method of dyeing I use, the results are always a surprise.  I wonder if the universe was trying to tell me it’s a girl???? (Rachel and Adam want to wait and be surprised at the birth)

I love this little sweater. I made it a 12 month size hoping maybe baby will get more use from it. My girlfriend, Vickie, says not to make baby sweaters as they outgrow them in less time than it takes to make them! 🙂

This is a flannel rag quilt I made. Super easy and super fast.  Each square is layered with 2 pieces of flannel and a piece of batting and quilted individually. The squares are then sewn together with all the seams facing forward and the final step is to clip those seams and wash the quilt. Washing and drying causes the clipped edges to fray up giving the quilt a homey, cozy feel.  I made this one to lay on the floor and let baby play.

This is a knitted ball I made last week.  You make 6 diamond shaped pieces and sew them together. Just before you finish the last seam, you fill the ball with fiberfill. It’s super soft and squishy and I’m looking forward to watching baby play with this one.

And here is the item I’m most proud of.  A pair of baby socks!  Fingering weight yarn on size 1 needles. 32 stitches worked on 5 double pointed needles. I love these! I enjoyed making them so much I have a couple more balls of yarn set aside to make more.

So that’s what I’ve been up to in the crafty, artsy side of my world.

Steve’s birthday is November 1st, All Saints’ Day.  I’ve been asking him what he wanted and a week ahead of time he finally decided what he wanted. He wanted to have dinner with some of his friends. We celebrated Friday night:

In attendance were Rachel and Adam, James and Sha, Pat and Randy, Charlie and Jane, and Ed and Vickie.  I think Steve felt very loved.


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