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New Year is coming Part 2

The other thing that has been on mind lately as the New Year approaches is my home. I take great pride in making a home and enjoy most aspects of it.  When my home is clean and organized, I find myself much more peaceful and content. I find that my creativity flows more often and I enjoy the time I spend creating.

Have you ever heard of FlyLady?  If not, I encourage you to go over and browse through the site.  Fly Lady suggests some things in our homes need daily attention, others weekly, and others monthly or yearly.  She attends to things I rarely thought about.  Fly Lady provides concrete, usable, easy ways to get and/or stay organized. 

One thing I like about her ideas is that I can modify them to make them workable for me and my home. I found I had to split my house and garden up into more zones than she suggests. I found that some things she suggests doing did not apply to me at all. The one thing I did that I value is making a NOTEBOOK.

Making a NOTEBOOK takes time. It doesn’t happen in an afternoon. It took a few days to get things the way I wanted them and then I’ve re-arranged it a few times. BUT, over the past 8 years, that notebook has remained an invaluable resource.  It has sections for chores; it has a section for Zones (areas of your home or garden); it has a section for all those pesky instructions for using tools you rarely use (the steam cleaner) and for how to put up the Christmas tree….; it has a section for directions to the various places I only go once every 6 months to 2 years; and it has a section for addresses and phone numbers.  Along with that notebook, I have a plastic ‘sleeve’ (found at the office supply store) where I stick bills as they come in, notes that need to be sent ‘later’, my business tax forms that get mailed 4 times a year….

I found myself dragging that notebook out yesterday and reorganizing it. I re-arranged how I want to spend my days and weeks and today I actually splurged on a new notebook and dividers since my old one is starting to look ragged and the spring has sprung on the 3 rings. I will be putting everything together in just a little while.

It’s just another way I am looking forward to the new year. Monday morning, I will give my home a “blessing” and make my sink sparkle (see Fly Lady’s website). 

Hugs,  DeLane


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Full time wife, mother, grandmother; friend to many; crazy aunt to a few. Avid lover of reading; 'making something from nothing'; karate! (Tang Soo!); nature and gardening though trying to cut back on time spent pulling weeds! Lover of essential oils!

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