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2011 – Word of Intention

I told you guys the other day that I was wrestling with a couple of words. Those were Joy and Gratitude.  I want both of those to be evident in my life.

The World English Dictionary defines Joy in this way:    A deep feeling of contentment.  It defines Gratitude as a feeling of thankfulness or appreciation.

I like to think that both of those are already evident in my life. I believe most of the time, I am joyful and grateful.  Maybe those words are too easy? So, I went back to Christine Kane’s blog from a couple of years ago and re-read her list of words. ONE stuck out of the list: 

I’ve pondered it for another 24 hours and I’ve decided ATTENTION is the word I am choosing for 2011.  I sometimes go to bed at night and I’m not sure what I’ve done with the 12 to 14 hours given to me in that day.  Some days I move from one task to another without focusing or paying attention to what I am doing.  I’m sometimes too focused on particular tasks or on my ‘to-do’ list. Other times, I’m tired and I allow time to pass without paying attention and I find myself looking up from a book or a website to find that an hour or two have passed through my fingers.

Another way to think of it is process vs product oriented thinking. A knitting teacher once asked me:  “do you enjoy the process of knitting, or do you enjoy the product you have when you are done?”  Wow! That question took me back and I had to think hard about how to answer her. 

I want my life this year to be process oriented. I want to pay ATTENTION.



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  1. Love your word! Nuf said.


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