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With “Attention” being my word for the year, I am already finding myself paying more attention to stuff. I’ll share a secret – I don’t really like looking in the mirror. What I see there isn’t what I see in my head; what I think I project to the world.  In my head, it’s easy to ignore flaws and weaknesses, and to imagine myself as I was at 18.

This morning I took a hard look in the mirror and YIKES! my hair!!!  I’ve read some articles about the vanity of women.  The women writing these articles ask us to embrace ourselves as we are – wrinkles, grey hair, and all. I think they have valid points and will probably never undergo ‘the knife’ just for the sake of vanity – I don’t have any desire for a face lift, a boob job, a tummy tuck, liposuction….. those flaws I can live with. I embrace those saggy baggy parts with a certain fondness – the wrinkles come from a lot of laughter with a lot of good friends and family over the years; the saggy baggy boobs and belly come from 2 pregnancies and 2 children that I treasure more than words properly express. (to be honest, some of it comes from overeating as well!) 😉

BUT,  MY HAIR!!!!!  I looked in the mirror and saw bushy, out of control hair (I’ve been letting it grow out) AND GREY HAIRS!!!!!!!!!!!! LOTS of GREY hairs!!!!  My first thought was ‘maybe I shouldn’t have picked “attention” as my word – (lol!) and then my second thought was ‘get a hat’. My final thought was an appointment with my hair stylist. 

Now I am vain, but I’m also cheap – my first stop was Target for a box of color! Once that was done, I went to see my stylist. She’s so funny. I found her a couple of months ago and I get tickled at how much fun she has doing my hair. She’s about 20 years old and loves to do hair.  My hair has become extremely curly over the past couple of years – hormones is my only guess. Today, she asked if she could play with my hair and I said sure.

She combed and dried and used a straightening rod (is that what they call it?) And here is the result:

I went straight to my best friend’s house and her husband loved it – said it took 12 years off my age; my friend hates it.  I sent pictures to Lauren and Rachel – Lauren says to wear it this way from now on (in her dreams!) and Rachel says it’s not the Mom she has in her head when she thinks of me.

Steve just walked in and said “who are you and where is my wife?”!

It won’t be this way again unless Shaleigh, my stylist, decides to play again. I thought you might enjoy this diversion with me.


About delanequilts

Full time wife, mother, grandmother; friend to many; crazy aunt to a few. Avid lover of reading; 'making something from nothing'; karate! (Tang Soo!); nature and gardening though trying to cut back on time spent pulling weeds! Lover of essential oils!

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  1. Wow DeLane…I can’t believe how different you look! I agree with Rachel in that you don’t look at all like the friend I know and love but then again, it really is so cute on you, so I agree with Lauren too…you need to do it again!
    BTW, I have always loved how red your hair is.

  2. Thanks, Grace!

  3. I do like it! It’s pretty! But I always picture you with your curly hair. You look too different with it straight!


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