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First Bluebird of 2011

I saw my first Bluebird of the year today. I was driving out to run errands and this beautiful bluebird flew right in front of my car in a big swoop from the field on my left to the field on my right. It was breath taking! Every year I tell myself I’ll make note of seeing the first bluebird and then I see it and it passes from my memory as quickly as it flies by. This year, with “Attention” being my word, I wanted to really pay attention this year.

This photo was taken by Ken Thomas who has graciously allowed it to be used freely under public domain. Thank you Ken!

So at the end of my list of errands, I made one last stop:  Wild Bird Mart in Denver, NC., not far from where I live. The gentleman who owns the store is most helpful and an absolute delight to talk to. He doesn’t have to talk very long before you get the sense that he truly loves birds.  He helped me sort through the various feeders and foods to buy a reasonable assortment. Like any passion, a small fortune can be spent and I appreciated the fact that he wasn’t trying to sell me the most expensive or fanciest of stuff.

My first item was a thistle/nyger seed feeder for the finches. We tend to have both house finches and gold finches in our area and my thistle feeder had to be thrown away not long ago. My complaint was that I couldn’t keep it clean. The one I bought today is easy to clean; both the top and the bottom come off so you can clean it thoroughly. It also has baffles inside that keep the seed from all falling to the bottom. It’s the yellow one.  My next purchase was nut and seed food that has fruit in it. I mixed it with the black oil sunflower seed I had here at the house. It’s supposed to attract the bluebirds to come. It has a strong fruity smell. Bluebirds don’t eat seeds 0nly fruits, berries, nuts and worms. That mixture went into the green lidded feeder below.

For the exclusive use of the bluebirds: a pole that holds a small blue dish. I put the pole in one of my flower pots full of dirt:

In the blue bowl, I sprinkled freeze dried meal worms.  (may I issue a heart felt eeewww!) The blue birds love these and I’m told will flock to my house if I put them out.  I was told 1. do not over fill the feeder. They like to eat early in the day and only a few at a time and 2. if I feed them now, I will most likely get them to nest in my boxes scattered around the yard.

And finally, we have woodpeckers in the area. I can hear them pecking away in the woods next door. I love seeing them so I bought this suet feeder (isn’t it pretty!!!!) and some fruity, nutty suet for it. I will probably make my own suet most of the time, but hey! I was supporting local business and spoiling my birds today.

And so for today, I paid attention to my little world. My birds will be fed and treated like royalty for the near future.  And my local bird store will have made it’s rent for the day today. 

What are you paying attention to today?


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  1. Oh I was unaware of the worms. I have visiting bluebirds who come because I was USED to be diligent to have a warmer in my birdbath for them. They come looking for the spa but I have let them down, it is still in my garage from the summer. Where does one purchase the worms?

  2. The worms can be purchased from the store listed in my post. click on the link, and you will go to the website and can place an order. If you want to buy locally, I think you’ll need to find a bird feeding store such as this one or “Wild Bird Marketplace”.

  3. You can also buy live meal worms at the Wild Bird Store on Sam Furr Rd in Huntersville. They have to be kept in the refrigerator and they have to be fed occassionaly, but the blue birds really love them.

  4. Ooh the bird feeders are so cool. I love watching the birds too and taking their pics. Need to make more of an effort to attract them to our garden. Not sure I can do the worm thing tho…might have to get Dave to do that part.


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