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symposium 2011

A week late, but here I am. I got home from Symposium and ‘hit the floor running’ as my grandmother used to say.  I never had the chance to post about Symposium with all that was going on last week. Then we spent a long weekend with my father-in-law who does not have internet access. 

NC Quilt Symposium is a 3 day weekend event that takes place once a year in North Carolina.  Symposium moves around the state year to year because it is hosted by quilt guilds within the state. This year we were in Raleigh, NC at Peace College, hosted by Capital Quilters Guild.  This was the 8th time this guild has hosted Symposium and they do an excellent job.

23 teachers from all over the US came to Raleigh to teach for 3 days.  Each full time student received 12 hours of classroom instruction and a 1 hour lecture along with room and board, access to many vendors and the quilt show.

I chose to take two classes with Leslie Riley:  ‘Sew What?’  and ‘Fragment Fabric Collage’.  She is an excellent teacher!  I found Leslie to be delightful – kind, funny, and laid-back. She was encouraging to each student as we delved into paint, heat guns, lutrador, copper mesh, and other tidbits to create our small works of art. 

Here is a shot of what I was working on in the Fragment Fabric Collage Class:

I just realized I did not take pictures of my finished products!  I’ll do that later today and get those posted for you. One is unfinished, but you’ll get the idea.

Evenings held all sorts of activities to choose from:  teacher show and tell where each teacher had about 3 minutes to share some of their works; an ice cream social; a ‘meet the teachers’/book signing session; lectures, a fashion show; and a dorm party on each floor of each dorm. Our dorm party was held just down the hall from my room:

My room mate, Liz McNabb, was working on a quilt that needed to be done to turn in to our quilt guild’s quilt show on Saturday. She skipped the dorm party to continue quilting her quilt:

The man for whom Peace College is named, William Peace, has a bronze statue on campus. We had our picture taken with him:

And finally, we had a picture taken of the 5 of us who are members of Lake Norman Quilters in Mooresville, NC:

Symposium is a lot of fun. It’s a great chance to learn from nationally known teachers and to make friends with people who share this love of fabric, thread, fibers, and quilting.

Next Year we’ll be in Cullowhee, NC at Western Carolina University as we are hosted by the Smokey Mountain Quilters.  Will you come have fun with me????


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  1. I’m already looking forward to it! Tomorrow I am going to have a day home to craft and maybe sunbath. Might try playing with the lutrador even though i wasnt in that class.

  2. Angelique, we have to stay in touch and make sure we see each other next year!!

  3. Loved reading about our experience at symposium. i did finish my quilt in time for our show!!


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