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First days in Ireland

Ireland was an amazing adventure. We had a wonderful time. The scenery was beautiful and the people generous and inviting.  I took 1,000 pictures, so unless you know me really well AND love vacation pictures, you won’t see them all. Many were taken as inspiration for future art projects.

We arrived 7:30 am in Dublin on Aug 22nd.  First item on the agenda – get Euros; second, get the car. That was the first glitch we ran into. We had purchased car insurace from Expedia before leaving the US and found that it was not accepted in Ireland. We are still dealing with that mess.  But, long story short, after purchasing insurance in Ireland at the rate of 26 Euro per day (!!!) we had our car and we were on our way.


this was our first room. Tight quarters all around. I wish i had taken a picture of the bathroom. It was triangular in shape with the skinny end just wide enough to fit a small toilet in with the wall touching both sides and the wide end 24 inches wide, with a shower stall wedged in.  The sink was about 6 inches deep and about 10 inches wide.

ImageWe enjoyed a hop-on/hop off tour bus around the city seeing sights: Guinness Store House, Birthplace of oscar Wilde, statues, Jameson’s distillery, Trinity college….  We don’t care for big cities and the only attraction we went to was the National museum.  The big ships were in port and we walked along the Quay looking at them.

We drove north on our second day to an area just outside of Drogheda.  The ancient Irish built passage tombs where they held sacred rituals and buried their dead. These had been dated to about 500 years before the first Egyptian pyramid was built.


This is Newgrange passage Tomb – it covers an entire acre!  The rock was carried here from as far away as 50 miles and some weigh over a ton! This is the one they allowed us to walk in. The passage is tight and dark. No pictures were allowed inside.  Here is one of the entrance:


They don’t know for sure what the art means, but it is Neolithic. There are several theories.

Another passage tomb in the area was Knowth:

There was a sacred, holy feeling in this place – a sense of history and ancient mystery (ok, so that’s my side trip for the morning).

We also visited Monasterboice, a monastic site said to have been founded by St. Buithe (d. 520), a follower of St. Patrick.

We experienced driving on the left side of the road and round abouts and funny looking signs all day. It was a relief to return to our hotel and park the car and walk to dinner:

Steve’s first Guinness

Many pictures and many stories to come. We are jet-lagged and tired today.  I promise you’ll get the rest of the trip and I also promise to make it as short and sweet and as interesting as I can. We met so many interesting people along the way!


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