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The subtitle for this blog is “My journey in Creativity”.  When I originally started the blog, I thought it would be solely a place to talk about and show pictures of my art work. I’ve come to realize that my fiber or mixed media art is only an off shoot of how I live my life.

I love living in peace and in beauty. I am much more creative when my surroundings are organized and peaceful. Chaos turns into more chaos and I cannot find rest amongst the chaos.

Many years ago I tripped over this quote: Have  nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be  beautiful.  William  Morris  It was a life changer for me. I no longer felt enslaved to things in my home that were there just because someone gave them to me or because I had paid money for it once upon a time. Getting rid of ‘stuff’ allowed me to breathe more deeply and spend less time cleaning it. It also opened up space in my home that I can choose to keep open or to fill it with something I find beautiful or useful at this point in my life.

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I instituted a practice a few years ago that I wanted to share with you.  I found the idea on  I may have my own interpretation, but here it is:  I found myself saying things like “(insert groan here) I have to clean the house today (insert another groan)”.  I hated it. I hated the mess. I hated the time I used cleaning that I could have been doing something else. I hated the bother of it all. BUT I loved the cleanliness afterwards; I found I was more productive, happier, and more content when my surroundings were clean, organized and peaceful.  I pondered what I had read over at Flylady and I changed my thinking:

I decided that instead of having to clean the house  I began to count it a BLESSING that I 1. had a house to clean 2. I had the supplies, time, and energy to clean my house and 3. I had a family and friends to share it all with.

It took a little while to create a plan that worked for me. I had to decide what a “house blessing” would incorporate – think of what was important to me and my family.  So I made my list and I began approaching Monday mornings with a new attitude about my home. I”ve changed the list a few times over the years; I dropped a few chores and I add different ones as times change.

I love the feeling of my home when it has been not only cleaned, but loved. I pray for my family and for my friends that will be within my walls this week. I cherish memories and stories that are connected with the items I clean. And when I am done and showered and ready for lunch, I love looking around and feeling the peace and seeing the beauty of my home.


I also find that I am much more likely to create a piece of art when I have taken the time to declutter, clean, and organize the space around me.

If you are interested in what I do during my house blessing, I’m glad to share. If you’re interested in beginning a similar practice, I encourage you to read FlyLady’s website.

Peace on your day!



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