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SO…. last November I was told my Insulin levels were high.  Not surprising since I have PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome).  What concerns me is that the Insulin level is indicative  of Insulin Resistance.  Insulin Resistance can lead to Diabetes.  We have a very strong family history of Diabetes.  Connect the dots and look into my crystal ball and what you see is me being told I have diabetes in a few years.  That is the fatalistic point of view of course.

So being who I am, I started reading more in depth and talking to people who know nutrition.  My diet is fairly ‘clean’. I eat organic and Non-GMO whenever affordable and available.  I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. I’ve been Gluten Free for 4 years (I am highly sensitive, but that is another story). My downfall? my weakness?  Sugar.  ANYTHING sweet!!!!

I grew up having dessert 3 times a day!  Jelly on my breakfast biscuit, cookies for lunch, and cake for dinner. Most snacks were  sweet as well: Jello, Kool-aid, cookies…  I’m told by my mom that she started feeding me food at 3 weeks! She said she tasted my food and added salt and pepper to the savory things and SUGAR to all the fruits!  Yikes! No wonder I love and crave the stuff!!!

I’ve read that sugar lights up the brain in the same way Cocaine does.  There is a great debate going on between the ‘foodies’ about whether sugar is addictive. One side says absolutely – look at the brain scans!  The other says it is simply a matter of self control and willpower.  I fall within the camp that says it is addictive. It is simply impossible for me to have a little sugar.  IMPOSSIBLE!  I’ve tried. For years!!  I’ve tried to wean off; cutting back a little here and there. One teaspoon instead of two in my coffee, only one cookie instead of two… well, that lasts all of a few hours and I’m bingeing on ice cream and candy bars.

I’ve tried to cut it out cold turkey. Wow! The side effects of that can be horrible!!! Since November I’ve tried no less than 5 times to go cold turkey.  By the third day I am nauseated, my head is pounding, and a couple of times vertigo hit so hard I could hardly walk across the room.

I was pretty discouraged. Diabetes on the horizon and I was seemingly unable to cut the sugar back or out.

Then I got an email.  Out of the Blue. From someone who knew of my struggle.  It was an article about going sugar free and this naturopath suggested a few supplements that he said would help.  I was intrigued so I did some more reading. Pros and Cons, side effects, etc. I became convinced they were safe to take and I bought them.  Oh my goodness!!!  It was a miracle for me!  Please, please, please do not try this on my word alone! I am not a doctor and I cannot give medical advice!  Do your own research. Check with your doctor to be sure this is ok for you! but this is what I did

Sam-e 400 mg in the morning

5-HTP 500 mg at bedtime

L-Glutamine when I had a sugar craving.  This one sounded crazy to me, but it really did work. When I started thinking of sugar and thinking about some sugary snack I really wanted, I took 50mg and drank a glass of water.  Within 20 minutes I found myself busy with something else and the sugar was completely forgotten.  I was so skeptical, but it really did work!

He said the supplements wouldn’t be needed for long and he was right.  I am now on day 18 of being totally sugar free and I think I’ve had one dose of the L-glutamine this week.

I also changed my diet to one that is higher in protein which I’m sure is helping as well.  Simple carbohydrates turn quickly to sugar in our blood stream so I am avoiding them.  I am eating complex carbs – do not be alarmed about me eating some crazy way!

I will keep you posted but I wanted to share my small success.


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  1. I really liked this post. Since the change my cravings are out of control and it is good to know I’m not alone. Thanks!


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