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This Journey called life

This Journey called life

It’s been a terribly long time since I’ve taken the time to blog about my life.  A while back I decided it was time for me to concentrate on the living of my life and not worry so much about documenting it!

But, I’ve been pondering some of the things that have happened and I am feeling the desire to share.

For this first time sharing in such a long time, I will simply catch you up to date on some of the changes I’ve experienced on my journey!  (where to begin?!)


  1. we now have 3 grandchildren.  I cannot express the feeling i get when they smile, wave arms, come running (and jumping) into my arms, how they stutter and shout over one another to be heard in the the haste to fill me in on how their journeys are going!  Kiyah turned 6 this month. So big!  Tall and strong and smart!  She started kindergarten this year and is reading really well – she reads with the first graders several times a week. She LOVES the monkey bars! She set herself a goal last year to be about to get across the monkey bars by herself and is now able to not only get across, but skip bars along the way. I love watching her!  She started gymnastics last month and is enjoying that.  Peter turned 3 in January.  He’s tall!  He loves cars, trucks, and trains of every description.  He loves me.  He loves giving me kisses (and they are priceless to me).  He’s also very smart – can count to 20 on his own, and can add numbers pretty well.  He’s beginning to read sight words, but I think given a choice, he’d rather be running his cars and trains around the tracks all over his room. We have a couple set up in our bonus room and when he comes, he takes off his shoes and goes straight for the stairs to play.  He started Soccer shots this month – learning basic soccer skills. A couple of Sundays ago, he came in late to church and came running down the aisle and then proceeded to elbow people in our pew out of the way to get to me.  (did I say how much these kids love me?)  Evangeline turned 1 in February.  I probably don’t need to mention how very busy my daughter, Rachel, is!  Evangeline is a delight.  She is a smiling, happy baby who loves to snuggle.  She loves her Fisher Price camper set and all the Fisher Price animals she can hold.  She is learning to put puzzle pieces back in their correct spots.  She’s not a big talker, but will babble.  She calls me “O”!    I am blessed to be able to see them on Sundays at church and I babysit a few times a month.  Rachel has been home full time with them since Evangeline was born; she’s recently gone back to work PRN once a week.  IF she gets called to work, I get to babysit! I love being able to see them as often as I do. I have too many friends who only see their grands a few times a year if they are lucky!

2.  We Moved!!!  NEVER in 10 million years would I have thought Steve and I would move.  I always said we would be taken out of that house feet first (at 102 years of age!) But… sometimes life takes us down paths we can’t see until we round the bend.  We realized our older home was going to continue to need maintenance on a regular basis.  We had several projects done in 2015 and thought we were good for several years….  The gardens I put in and loved in my 30’s were just plain hard work.  It was discouraging to spend 6 hours in the gardens and not be able to tell anything had been done!   I was spending a lot of time on the road to Charlotte- once upon a time it was a 35 minute drive, but traffic has been getting worse as more and more people have built homes in the Denver area creating a bedroom community.  Both of my kids and all 3 grand kids live in Charlotte; our church is in Charlotte; my Bible Study is in Charlotte; most of my shopping is in Charlotte— you get the drift.  I was spending too many hours of my life driving up and down highway 16.   And then there was the lake issue.  Lake Norman is a large lake, capable of white caps in windy weather and almost always has wakes going in several different directions at once due to the size and number of boats on the lake.  Steve was having to postpone and cancel kayak paddling due to weather and busy-ness of the lake.  All of that seemed to culmulate about the same time and we decided to start looking around for possibilites.  Over about a year, we looked at houses and land for sale not finding what we wanted.  We found one piece of property i still think about because it was GORGEOUS !  But it did not meet our needs once we had completed due diligence.  We were ready to give up and stay in Denver when a house went on the market in the Mountain Island Lake area.  After years of saying we would never live in a development and would never live with an HOA, here we are.  The house is the smallest in the neighborhood (still bigger than we really wanted), but it’s selling points were that it is across the street from a sidewalk that goes down to a boat slip on the lake.  Steve has his kayak on wheels so he just pulls it back and forth – takes about 4 0r 5 minutes each way to walk down to the lake.  The boat slip owners have been generous in allowing him access to the lake. Mountain Island Lake is more protected and is way less busy than Lake Norman so Steve is very happy here.

3. I started karate!  I know, right???!!!!  I have surprised myself over and over this year!   Long story short, I met a new yoga teacher who said I should come to her karate class.  I thought “why not?” and went to a class.  And FELL IN LOVE.  I’ve been methodically progressing and will test this Saturday for my green belt!

4. I have embarked on a new adventure in the world of essential oils.  I’ve teamed up with a group of people who, like me, are trying to live a more balanced, healthy, and chemical free life.  I’ve learned a lot – have lots more to learn.   I will definitely keep you posted on this path in my journey!

So…. in a 5 minute read, you’ve been caught up on the major points of change since I last posted.   My hope and goal is to expound on some of these and try to journal the creative side of how I am navigating my journey.

As always, I love to hear from you.   I write mostly for myself – a type of journal – hopefully an insight for my family when I pass on to the next life and its journey (which I am planning to happen no sooner than 2068!)



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