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I am a fiber artist.

I love the feel, the texture, the smell, and the colors of fiber.  I love the way it looks in my cubbies and bins; I love the feel of them in my hands; I love having fiber on my walls, under my feet, and on my skin.  I love manipulating fiber to make one form into another: I can dye, sew, felt, twist, sew, quilt… the techniques are almost endless and the possibilities are infinite. I love the process of creating something beautiful from bits and pieces. I love the creations when I can snuggle under them or hang them on my wall or wear them on my body.

Fiber encompasses much more than just fabric. Fiber art encompasses more than just quilts.  I knit, crochet, felt wool, bead, embroider, sew, quilt, paint, dye, discharge: I love manipulating and combining fibers. The possibilities are infinite and challenging. I’ve learned when a piece I am working on isn’t to my liking, it is not a ‘failure’, it is a work in progress. I set it aside and play with it when the mood strikes. Often what starts out as awful becomes exquisite with time.

You will find I am often absent from my blog. I will commit to blogging and then I get swept up in the process of living and creating and I do not take the time to blog about what I am doing. I ask that you be patient with me and come back often to check on what I am up to.


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  1. Billie McCray

    This is Billie McCray the lady that you met at Jan’s Quilt n’ Stitch on June 13, 2011. I was hoping to see some of your work as you seemed excited about seeing some of mine. I love doing fiber art and I hope if you looked on the sites that were given that you enjoyed seeing some of my work. I have been doing this for about 10 years now and I am addicted to fiber art. I make dolls, bears, purses, quilts (traditional in a new wa) and some or most that are totally my designs. I have a journal with all of my quilt and wall hanging designs in it and it “freaks” me out some of the designs. Matter of fact I designed one today at Jan’s based on a piece that I piece to make an ottoman cover and I decided that it would be fantastic as a center of a quilt and I designed the quilt top while talking to Jan. I am excited about doing it, but I have another in place to be completed and another waiting in line. I found old quilt pieces in Plains Georgia and I plan to make a quilt top with it (salvaged parts) and my new design part . I am excited about bringing the “old and “new” together as one. It was nice meeting you The quilt meeting is tomorrow at 7pm at the WomenClub that is near the auditorium on Atlantic Blvd. Directions: A1A to 14th Street, follow 14th until reach Atlantic, turn right and follow to Auditorium, turn right on the side of Auditorium and the Women’s Club in behind the auditorium. We have show and tell and this is the last night of the quild until the fall. We bring a pot luck for dinner and I will make something to bring for the 3 of us if care to attend. Welcome to Amelia Island.


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