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my new favorite ritual

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I realized this morning that I have a new ritual and I am loving it.  For years I’ve gotten up and poured my first cup of coffee and sat in front of the TV to watch the morning news.  For the past several weeks, I’ve bypassed the TV and I’ve headed back to bed with my first cup of coffee.  I am an avid reader – always have at least 2 books going and have been known to have up to 4 going at a time! I realized this morning that I’ve been doing this long enough that I think it’s my new ritual!

First cup of coffee in bed with a great book. What an absolutely wonderful, marvelous, magical way to start my days.

I am now off to tidy my sewing room a bit and do some sewing.  My to-do list for the art side of my life is sooooo long!!! I promise to get back to you with pictures soon.


Dedication Quilt

We don’t baptize babies in our family/faith. We dedicate them. We stand before friends, family, and the church and dedicate ourselves to raising our children in such a way that they grow to love the Lord and understand our faith and guide them into a faith of their own. During the service, those friends and family and church members in attendance are asked to dedicate themselves to the same. It’s powerful and meaningful.

As a rule, we don’t have special clothing (no christening gowns) and right now, our church is a fairly laid back one where no one dresses up to go.  So I gave some thought to what I could do for this new grandchild of mine for this special day of hers (and ours).  I wanted something that could be passed down through the generations like christening gowns are.

This is what I decided to do:

It is 36 inches by 32 inches, made of silk dupioni.  I want to embroider Kiyah’s name, birthdate, and dedication date on the back. Then, I would love to have each of my grandchildren, great-grandchildren….. dedicated using this quilt, each having their name and dates embroidered on it.

This year’s Dedication service is on Mother’s Day. What a wonderful way to celebrate Rachel’s first year as a mother, my first as a grandmother.


I’m smart.  Really.

I’ve never had anyone explain pi to me in a way that made any sense.  I feel so stupid when I can’t grasp a new concept. I hate feeling stupid.

Steve is smart. He has an engineering degree and has taken advanced mathmatics. BUT, when I ask him about pi, he goes to another planet where another language is spoken. He starts talking about ratios and uses terms I’ve never heard and I  blank out. It’s similar to the experiences I had in my math classes in school.

I have a friend, Alisan Royster, who is a math teacher. She was talking about celebrating Pi day on March 14th with her students. She was so animated and excited about it, I asked her if she could explain Pi to me.

Yesterday I had a light bulb moment!!!!!  It was wonderful!  I now know what Pi is and why I care and how I can use it in my life!!!!!!! 

Whoo hoo!

Alisan has a gift for making things clear. Her students are very lucky to have her as their teacher.

2011 – Word of Intention

I told you guys the other day that I was wrestling with a couple of words. Those were Joy and Gratitude.  I want both of those to be evident in my life.

The World English Dictionary defines Joy in this way:    A deep feeling of contentment.  It defines Gratitude as a feeling of thankfulness or appreciation.

I like to think that both of those are already evident in my life. I believe most of the time, I am joyful and grateful.  Maybe those words are too easy? So, I went back to Christine Kane’s blog from a couple of years ago and re-read her list of words. ONE stuck out of the list: 

I’ve pondered it for another 24 hours and I’ve decided ATTENTION is the word I am choosing for 2011.  I sometimes go to bed at night and I’m not sure what I’ve done with the 12 to 14 hours given to me in that day.  Some days I move from one task to another without focusing or paying attention to what I am doing.  I’m sometimes too focused on particular tasks or on my ‘to-do’ list. Other times, I’m tired and I allow time to pass without paying attention and I find myself looking up from a book or a website to find that an hour or two have passed through my fingers.

Another way to think of it is process vs product oriented thinking. A knitting teacher once asked me:  “do you enjoy the process of knitting, or do you enjoy the product you have when you are done?”  Wow! That question took me back and I had to think hard about how to answer her. 

I want my life this year to be process oriented. I want to pay ATTENTION.


New Year is coming

The New Year is approaching and I’ve been contemplating once again what word or phrase I want to guide me through 2011. 

Some of you read my post from last year and know I chose “Intention” for 2010.  What I find interesting about that word choice for last year is the difference between what I thought it meant for me in January when I chose it, and where it really took me through the year.

I THOUGHT it would guide me in the “doing” aspects of my life. I thought I would face each day with the intention to get a certain amount of stuff done: housework, blogging, quilting, gardening. Those things were too  DO-oriented.  I chose Intention as a BE-oriented word. What’s surprising to me as I look back on 2010 is how much choosing that word really did guide my ‘being’,  even when I wasn’t fully cognizant of it. 

 I started 201o pretty sick with bronchitis (lasted 91 days – took antibiotics for 52 of those!).  I was also having a lot of trouble getting my thyroid to function well with the medicine they had me on. Then I found out that my C-reactive Protein was sky high and the doctors were pressuring me to take medicine I really did not want to take.  I was over weight and over-fat (body percentage). 

I pursued the bronchitis until I found a doctor who was aggressive enough to treat me until it was gone.

I did  a lot of research on thyroid function and treatment and had to see 6 doctors before finally finding one willing (and knowledgeable) to treat me with the medicine I thought I needed.  Whoo hoo!! My thyroid is great and I’m feeling wonderful!!!

I did some research and reading and decided to try being Gluten Free.  After 3 full months of being Gluten Free, my C-reactive protein was NORMAL!!!! My Vitamin D was NORMAL!!!! and my cholesterol came down 20 points in spite of the fact that it was normal to begin with.  (other benefits were that my eczema improved, my seasonal allergies improved, and the rheumatoid-like pain is gone)

I started working with a nutritionist and lost 10 pounds. I’ve joined Weight Watchers and have lost another 12. I’m still overweight, but my waist size is approaching normal and since my “intention” for 2010 was to lose the weight, I feel confident that I will reach my goal.

I’m not sharing this with you to brag or gloat. Other areas of my life were impacted as well:  church, dance, friendships, family. I could bore you for pages and hours with all the ways that simple word affected me this year.  I’m sharing this with you because I believe  choosing the word “Intention” really did make a difference in my life this year. 

I read the following blog a couple of years ago and I think I shared it with you last year:  Christine Kane  writes eloquently about this subject here and I hope you’ll go read what she says. 

I’ve re-read it and am in the process of choosing my word for 2011.    I truly hope you will pick a word to guide you through 2011; I’d love to hear your stories.

I’ll be back in a day or two when I’ve chosen my word (it’s now a tie between 3)

Hugs, DeLane

Fab Friday: Intention

I shared with you a couple of weeks ago that my word for the year is “Intention”.  Being on vacation made it difficult to focus (and to blog!), but the word would cross my mind occasionally and I found myself making better decisions for my health as we went along – I managed to eat LOTS of good German food and not gain weight!  I also found myself more easily able to enjoy the moment we were in and the experience we were enjoying at that moment (I have a tendency to want to see what’s around the next corner).  

My intention for today is to continue to sort through my stuff and make decisions about what I will use, how I will use it, and how I can best store it so that it will be USED and not just OWNED.  One of my year’s goals is to reclaim organization in the area of  my art.  I’ve been busy over the past year and have been guilty of opening cabinets and tossing stuff in and then digging through stuff to find what I’m looking for and not taking the time to put stuff where it belongs.  The result is I have stuff everywhere and it’s all in a jumbled mess.  I feel like my mess is a sign of disrespect to my studio and to my art.

I like my studio. I’m able to create and sew and I find peace in that room.  My studio was a birthday gift many years ago. My husband had a friend of ours come in and put built in cabinets in and a counter top for my sewing. He cut the cabinets down so that the  height is perfect for me.  I feel very loved when I sit down to sew.  In that room is a small closet that we converted to a desk space for me when I was working on my masters degree. We had a desktop computer there. It recently ‘died’ and we’ve taken it out which has opened up some space that I want to use for some of my non-sewing activities. 

Here is a picture of the closet area before I started working on it:

I’ll keep you posted on my progress.