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  1. You quilts are a real creative process, and so very beautiful.

  2. I enjoy looking at your work. I am the lady who makes the folk art birds and who loves working with fabric. I have so many new creations. Matter of fact, as soon as it gets warmer I plan to have a show and sell, because I have run out of room to store, but not run out of “zeal” to continue making more. I just finished a piece that the main part was a piece of Shibori dyed fabric and just learned about Boro quilts and I have designed my version of a boro. This is something that originated with the Japanese. Happy New Year and keep on having fun

    • Hi Billie!!! I think of you often and wonder how you are. Mainly, I think, because your bird sits in a place of honor in my home. It’s on a shelf above my sewing machine. I love her!!! I wish you well on your show. I’d love to see your new creations!


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