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Lazy days on Amelia Island

In my last post, I told you I met a local fiber artist at the local quilt shop. She graciously invited me to her home to see her work (and I thought, her studio). Her name is Billie McCray and she declined to have her photo taken or to let me take pictures of her work. She did give me a link to share with you if you’d like to see her work. Click here to read about her; be sure to click the link to her gallery.  

After seeing many pieces of her work, I asked how large her studio is. I was flabbergasted to hear that she does not have one! She showed me where she sets her sewing machine on the dining room table to do her sewing. I am thrilled I got the chance to meet her and see her work.  Many of her pieces speak of her heritage, almost all include bits and pieces of items she has found in thrift stores and yard sales, even trash bins on the side of the road. She laughs and says she calls herself “El Garbage” (think French accent- sort of our twist on Target). One of her favorite things to make are cloth, stuffed birds. She has made hundreds- everyone different. She uses bits of cloth, old purses, ruined quilts, lace, pillow cases, jewelry, coat hangers, the list is endless.  Before I left, I asked if she would sell me one of her birds. She said yes so I am the proud owner of a Billie McCray bird:

Today, I spent a lazy day on the beach and made a quick trip into Fernandina Beach to pick up a dress I saw on Monday and decided I needed to own. 🙂

Here is the oldest house in Fernandina Beach. The house was built by Dr John F. Lesesne in 1860. He left in 1865 to go to the Civil War and never returned. 

And finally, I have to share with you the way I am spending my days here on Amelia Island

Mine is the 3rd chair from the right. This picture was taken from my balcony. The sky is hazy because of the fires burning in GA.

And with that, I’ll leave you with a smile.



Oregon day 2!

So, after the snow of Saturday, we decided to drive to the coast and see the ocean…….  This picture was taken 25 miles from the ocean!!!!!

And here we are 25 miles later on the beach at the Pacific Ocean: