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Birthday present

My birthday isn’t for another 22 days.  BUT, my niece spent a semester abroad this fall and came home with a birthday gift for me. We’re not sure we’ll see each other before then so she wanted me to open her gift.  I wasn’t sure what I had opened…

Can you guess what it is? 

It’s a coffee maker!  From Costa Rica!    The white sleeve is a small piece of cloth sewn onto a metal ring that keeps the cloth from falling down into the cup. You put coffee grounds in the sleeve and set a cup underneath with the grounds inside the cup. Then pour boiling water over and you have a dark, rich, wonderful cup of coffee!!

I love it!  It is a perfect gift.  I love a cup of decaf coffee in the evening and Steve rarely wants one. This is a great way for me to fix a single cup of coffee.  

Thanks, Savannah! I feel loved and will think of you every time I make a cup of coffee in my coffee maker.