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What I did today!


You’ll never guess what I did today! I bought my baby chicks! I have wanted chickens for at least 20 years and in the last 3 or 4 it has become more and more important for me to do so. I cannot explain it – it is something I “have” to do. So, my husband has started building the coop and a neighbor is working on the run. Our local Tractor Supply Store got baby chicks in on Wed and I stopped by today and got mine. Aren’t they cute???!!!!

I have a Rhode Island Red, a Cochin, a Buff Orpington, a Black Barred, and a Golden Laced Wyandotte! They are between 1 1/2 and 2 weeks old. I have them in a tub in my garage for now. They will have to be moved to a larger container in the next few days and will go outside to their coop in about a month or so. I’ll post pictures from time to time to keep you up on their progress!

So now that the chicks are settled in, I’m off to my studio to play.

Until next time, DeLane