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Dancing at DrumStrong

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DrumStrong is a great organization.  They support Cancer research, awareness, education, and provide support to those fighting Cancer. Once a year, a large group gathers in Weddington to drum for 24+ hours. Their goal is to raise money for their initiatives.  What’s really, really cool is that cities across the world are gathering at the same time to drum. The rhythm is thought of as the “beat of the community, the beat of hope”.

There will be a drum circle where the drum beat will go continually for over 24 hours. There will also be vendors, food, entertainment, and a health expo.  Many of the attendees will be camping overnight to help facilitate the continual drumming.

I am honored to be dancing with my local dance group on Saturday at 2pm. The group will be dancing again on Sunday morning at 10am , but I won’t be able to dance with them on Sunday. Here is a picture of us dancing last year:


trip to Mary Jo’s

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Yesterday I put a post on my Facebook Wall that if I could finish my errands in time, I would go to Mary Jo’s. I had a request for pictures of what I bought. I wish I had taken my camera (I really do need to get in the habit of always having my camera with me!). Sadly, I did not have my camera so have no pictures of Mary Jo’s. 

For those of you who do not live locally, Mary Jo’s is a fabric store in Gastonia. It has been around for over 50 years and boasts 32,000 square feet of fabric and notions. People come here from miles around; occasionally there is a tour bus full of quilters who have made a 2 day trip to shop here. I live about 45 minutes away so consider myself extremely fortunate.

Yesterday’s trip had 2 purposes. I was looking for dupioni silk for a small quilt that I sketched over the weekend.  Here’s what I bought:

My second purpose for going was to see if I could find some lightweight cotton fabric to make pantaloons. I’m dancing on Saturday and the expected temperature is 86 degrees.  My costume consists of several layers of clothing and I’m thinking a lighter weight pant might help make me a bit cooler. Here’s the fabric I found:

I’m signing off now to go cut out and make the pantaloons.  I’ll post a picture when they are done.

An hour has passed and here are my pantaloons!  I’m excited to be able to wear them on Saturday.