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This piece is called “Generations”. It is my interpretation of my family tree.

The origins for this piece come from many sketches of trees trying to include the many and asundry members of my family. My mom is one of 13 and my dad is one of 9; you can imagine how many twigs and branches and leaves I would need to include them all. And I thought about the fact that I couldn’t go back further than my great grandparents and wondered who those people were. And I thought about all the children that my cousins’ children have had and how I will never meet them or know who they are.

I thought about the idea that my own origins go back for eons and who I am is linked to who they were and how they raised their families and what values they passed on. I thought about the idea that the way I raised my children will effect their children and their children’s children on through generations I will never know. And even though those children will not meet me or perhaps not know who I am or what I did, my being here will have an influence on them.

And “Generations” is the result of all my ponderings.

Until next time, DeLane