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Upcycled Ties

I love so many of Stampington and Company magazines.  I picked up the Autumn 2012 issue of Haute Handbags because there were so many projects I thought were adorable and that I thought I might make. I liked Carolynne Templeman’s article about repurposing mens’ neckties.  I read through her instructions for making the “double sided tie bag” and then made my own version making a few alterations.

I have to say I have been given ties for years (hint: I’ll gladly take any you have to offer!) so I have quite a stash. I found 10 I thought my Mom would like, that coordinated well.  I decided to make my bag 4 ties wide and 10 inches tall.

I began by cutting the wide end of each of 8 ties 10 inches from the widest part of the tie:

002 (640x348)

Then I gently ripped out the stitching on the back side of the tie and removed the lining:

001 (640x480)

I used the lining as a pattern for cutting a piece of Fast 2 Fuse (Double-sided fusible stiff interfacing in Heavy Weight) and re-lined the tie and stitched it carefully by hand. The back side of the tie becomes the inside of the purse.  I repeated the process for 8 ties.

Then I laid the ties side by side, abutting the edges, and sewed them together using a decorative stitch:

004 (640x612)

Repeat the process to make the other side of the bag.

I used a few of the small ends of the ties to make a pocket. I left the original lining, but I stitched them together in the same way as the bag. then I folded the tips over to make a decorative edge for the pocket:

005 (616x640)

Then I sewed the pocket to the inside of the bag (by hand):

006 (640x557)

I used 2 ties to make the sides and handle for the bag. I lined the bottom 10 inches with Fast 2 Fuse and the upper ends with Pellon Medium Weight fusible interfacing. I sewed the sides in using the same method I used for sewing all the ties together.  Carolynne suggests using a piece of heavy fabric for the bottom of the bag, but I had all these cut up ties laying all over my floor so I used two pieces, lined them with Fast 2 Fuse and sewed them together to create a piece large enough for the bottom of the bag.

I used one small tie end for a closure. I sewed a pretty button to one side and a snap opposite the button and then sewed the opposite half of the snap to the body of the bag.  I sent it to my mom for her birthday and she LOVED it!  I liked it so much I’m thinking I may have to go dig into that stash of ties again to make one for me!

007 (640x480)

008 (640x352)