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NC Quilt Symposium 2011

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This year’s Quilt Symposium will be held at Peace College in Raleigh, NC. Here is a list of the lectures on Friday and Saturday.

Friday, June 3rd
9:00 am Rayna Gillman Pushing Creativity with What If?
10:30 am Jan Krentz The Great Star Review
2:00 pm Frieda Anderson Frieda’s Fun Fast Fusing
3:30 pm Pepper Cory The Art of Real Scrap Quilting
7:15 pm Margaret Miller Looking Ahead with Margaret Miller
7:15 pm   Participants’ Fashion Show
Saturday, June 4th
9:00 am Joyce Becker Landscape Quilts
10:30 am Sharon Schamber My Quilting Journey
2:00 pm Lyric Kinard The Elements of Art for Quilters
3:30 pm Mary Ellen Kranz The Top Ten Ways Quiltmakers Can Use Computers
7:15 pm Leslie Riley Making Time for Making Quilts
7:15 pm Patti Cline and Cindy Page Shesa B. Quilter meets Emma C. Fortune

Grab a friend and come to Raleigh!  Browse the Quilt show, Shop with the vendors, and listen to a lecture.  This promises to be a great opportunity for a memorable road trip.


Quilt shops, snow, and tulips!

We left Portland on Tuesday and headed north towards Bellingham. We spent the night in Lacey, WA before meandering northwards yesterday. Got into Bellingham and found ourselves in the historic district of Fairhaven where we putzed through some very nice shops and had tapas for lunch.  We found the park where Steve was going to race later in the day and still had some time to blow and I found a quilt shop!  Spent some time “petting the fabric” 🙂  in 4th Corner Quilt Shop. It is a very nice, well laid out, cheery and friendly shop.

Steve and his friend came in second in the kayak race he came all this way to race (do I dare tell you there were only 2 boats in his class????)  😉  It was interesting. The race began in 40 degree weather and I believe it was mid to high 30’s at the end. Snow was falling before the race was over.  Unbelievable. 

So, we’ve been here on the west coast for a few days.  So far it has rained EVERY day we’ve been here and today is the first day we haven’t seen snow!  Temps today reached a high of 48 according to a bank thermometer we saw in Anascortes.

We found out that WA is celebrating tulip season here so we went to visit a field. Oh my!! How beautiful it was! 

So we’re now in Maryfield on our way south with Portland our destination tomorrow.