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NC Quilt Symposium 2011

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This year’s Quilt Symposium will be held at Peace College in Raleigh, NC. Here is a list of the lectures on Friday and Saturday.

Friday, June 3rd
9:00 am Rayna Gillman Pushing Creativity with What If?
10:30 am Jan Krentz The Great Star Review
2:00 pm Frieda Anderson Frieda’s Fun Fast Fusing
3:30 pm Pepper Cory The Art of Real Scrap Quilting
7:15 pm Margaret Miller Looking Ahead with Margaret Miller
7:15 pm   Participants’ Fashion Show
Saturday, June 4th
9:00 am Joyce Becker Landscape Quilts
10:30 am Sharon Schamber My Quilting Journey
2:00 pm Lyric Kinard The Elements of Art for Quilters
3:30 pm Mary Ellen Kranz The Top Ten Ways Quiltmakers Can Use Computers
7:15 pm Leslie Riley Making Time for Making Quilts
7:15 pm Patti Cline and Cindy Page Shesa B. Quilter meets Emma C. Fortune

Grab a friend and come to Raleigh!  Browse the Quilt show, Shop with the vendors, and listen to a lecture.  This promises to be a great opportunity for a memorable road trip.


Fab Friday: Intention

I shared with you a couple of weeks ago that my word for the year is “Intention”.  Being on vacation made it difficult to focus (and to blog!), but the word would cross my mind occasionally and I found myself making better decisions for my health as we went along – I managed to eat LOTS of good German food and not gain weight!  I also found myself more easily able to enjoy the moment we were in and the experience we were enjoying at that moment (I have a tendency to want to see what’s around the next corner).  

My intention for today is to continue to sort through my stuff and make decisions about what I will use, how I will use it, and how I can best store it so that it will be USED and not just OWNED.  One of my year’s goals is to reclaim organization in the area of  my art.  I’ve been busy over the past year and have been guilty of opening cabinets and tossing stuff in and then digging through stuff to find what I’m looking for and not taking the time to put stuff where it belongs.  The result is I have stuff everywhere and it’s all in a jumbled mess.  I feel like my mess is a sign of disrespect to my studio and to my art.

I like my studio. I’m able to create and sew and I find peace in that room.  My studio was a birthday gift many years ago. My husband had a friend of ours come in and put built in cabinets in and a counter top for my sewing. He cut the cabinets down so that the  height is perfect for me.  I feel very loved when I sit down to sew.  In that room is a small closet that we converted to a desk space for me when I was working on my masters degree. We had a desktop computer there. It recently ‘died’ and we’ve taken it out which has opened up some space that I want to use for some of my non-sewing activities. 

Here is a picture of the closet area before I started working on it:

I’ll keep you posted on my progress.



This piece is called “Generations”. It is my interpretation of my family tree.

The origins for this piece come from many sketches of trees trying to include the many and asundry members of my family. My mom is one of 13 and my dad is one of 9; you can imagine how many twigs and branches and leaves I would need to include them all. And I thought about the fact that I couldn’t go back further than my great grandparents and wondered who those people were. And I thought about all the children that my cousins’ children have had and how I will never meet them or know who they are.

I thought about the idea that my own origins go back for eons and who I am is linked to who they were and how they raised their families and what values they passed on. I thought about the idea that the way I raised my children will effect their children and their children’s children on through generations I will never know. And even though those children will not meet me or perhaps not know who I am or what I did, my being here will have an influence on them.

And “Generations” is the result of all my ponderings.

Until next time, DeLane