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Oregon day 2!

So, after the snow of Saturday, we decided to drive to the coast and see the ocean…….  This picture was taken 25 miles from the ocean!!!!!

And here we are 25 miles later on the beach at the Pacific Ocean:


First day in Oregon!

Steve and I arrived in Oregon yesterday afternoon early enough to get a rental car, check into our hotel and head for Mount Hood.  Mount Hood is roughly an hour southeast from Portland – took a little over an hour to get there.  On the way, we drove through blue skies, rain, snow, and sleet; then back to blue skies again! Roads were clear and we headed for the Timberline Lodge, the lodge/restaurant at the top of Mount Hood. 


We ate lunch in the cafe on the 3rd floor.  Snow was piled up against the windows!!! And then, while we ate, it began to snow……

  We were only there for an hour and a half and during that time, the snow covered the roads!!!