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Well, Hallelujah!

Good morning!

Wanted to share that for the past few weeks, I’ve been gaining and losing the same 1/2-1 pound over and over and over. The scales just wouldn’t budge.  I wasn’t too worried about it. I like to think my body has to take a break from time to time just to readjust to the fact that it is smaller. I like to think that my body is “re-arranging the furniture” so to speak. I mean 28 pounds of fat is lot to adjust to, right?  I’ve noticed my clothes are looser and fitting differently and I had to go buy a couple of pair of pants because I honestly thought I might lose them by just walking out of them!

Monday, the scales showed the pound was gone (again!).  But this morning, the scales moved!  Hallelujah! The scales moved!!!  I’m down another pound!  I am doing a happy dance this morning.

I know I am more than a number on the scale and all that. And I’ve tried to tell myself that if I didn’t lose another pound, it would be ok. I mean 28 pounds is a small child.  But I started this journey with the primary goal of being healthy and losing my sugar addiction.  My secondary goal was to give myself the Christmas present of a smaller body.

So one more pound is gone.  I’ve lost 29 pounds.  My first goal was to lose 40 so I’m 11 pounds from that goal.


How’s it going?

Wow! Can’t believe I’ve let weeks go by without checking in.  When last I posted I had challenged myself to 100 days of yoga. Yeah, well. I fell flat on that one! I had various aches and pains that I was babying and the oomph just up and left me.

On a positive note, I am continuing with the Trim Healthy Mama eating plan and I’m over 4 months without sugar! I’ve lost 27 pounds and am in need of a new pair of jeans.  :-)

While on vacation, I did several hikes. We were in the National Parks in Utah and most hikes were large gains in altitude – smallest was about 450 feet and the largest was somewhere over 1,000.  It was exciting to be able to do the hikes. We scrambled over large rocks and over skinny crests and around skinnier ledges to see some of the most beautiful scenery.

I was able to go horseback riding. Of course, I’m pretty sure I got a mule, but that’s fine with me. I felt like we were kindred spirits since I’m often told I am as stubborn as one!  I was excited because I had made the goal of losing enough weight to be able to ride and was many pounds less than their maximum when I got there!

Yesterday, Steve got my bike riding ready and we rode about 6 miles. Not very far, but after a 27 month hiatus, I thought it was a decent distance. Especially with my knee acting up these days…

No pics today. They’re still all in my camera and I just haven’t taken the time to download them to the computer.

How are you doing with your health goals?

100 Day Challenge – my challenges

Well, to be honest this challenge has not gone as I had hoped or expected.  I haven’t given up and I’m continuing to give myself grace as the days pass.  I had not had a migraine in months and then over the weekend, I had a 2 day migraine that left me swooning with a sore brain on the 3rd day.  The day following that, I got out a yoga DVD and half way through had a sharp pain shoot through my leg into my groin so I stopped; then I did some simple yoga stretches about 1/2 hour later and did ok.  Then yesterday, I put off yoga until lunchtime and wouldn’t you know it?  Vertigo kicked in. I couldn’t move without the room spinning!!!!  Geez!  If you don”t know me, you’ll either think I’m in horrible health or that I’m making this stuff up!!!

Today my head is ok. My vertigo seems to be gone.  I’m looking forward to practicing yoga in a couple of hours (I woke up really hungry this morning so I ate first thing!)

On another note, in case you’re wondering, I’m continuing with my sugar free lifestyle.  I can’t believe it myself. I’m 4 days shy of being a whole 3 months without sugar!  I’m noticing lately that I’m craving sweets less and less. I still want something sweet on occasion, but it’s not every day or every meal or every snack like I did 3 months ago.  It’s been an interesting journey.  I think this journey is helping to ground me in the struggles I’m coping with trying to do yoga every day.

Haven’t weighed myself in a while so no weight loss to report. I did measure my waist and I’ve lost 2 inches since the last time I measured. That’s pretty cool. The jeans I bought in June are getting baggy so that’s cool too.  They’re not baggy enough to need to buy new ones. I’m just washing them more often and putting them in the dryer!

I’m knitting the coolest hat!  M11211_Sugar_300_medium

I’m making mine in a pretty green color.  The cables are challenging for me and I’m not sure why. Perhaps because the only needles I could find were metal so the yarn wants to slip off easily? I’m about halfway to shaping the crown!  It’s a KAL (knit along) with some women in my knitting group. Two have almost finished (working on the crown) and one is behind me.  We’re not doing very well with knitting at the same pace. I think I’m on pace, the other two are over-achievers and the one behind me is the owner of the shop and has too many interruptions to knit for any length of time!  The pattern is in the latest edition of Creative Knitting magazine.

I’m also working on my bed quilt.  I really need to upload those photos!!!

Creatively yours,


100 Day Challenge – Day 7

One week today.  Sometimes it’s hard to believe how fast time can fly!

One thing I’ve learned this week is something I’ve learned numberous times in the past and for some reason refuse to remember…  Exercise and I get along a lot better if I do it first thing in the morning. The longer I put it off, the longer I put it off.  I’ve never been someone who enjoys or looks forward to exercise. I had some thoughts about why, but I’ll share another day.

Today, I was up at 6:30 and I used a DVD to guide my practice:


I’m really glad I didn’t go for Level 2!!!  I have a lot to grow into!  I plan to use this one several times a week and look forward to seeing progress.

How is your challenge going?

100 Day Challenge – Days 5 & 6

Day 5 was a difficult one. I don’t think I’ve overdone anything physically, but was hurting most of the day.  My shoulder and my knee were both throbbing on and off so I decided to honor my body and give it rest. I did not do physical yoga, but feel in my heart that honoring my body was (is) a yoga practice.

I woke up yesterday, Day 6, and did 15 minutes of stretching and modified sun salutations before leaving home at 7am to go get the grandkids.

How are you doing?

100 day challenge – day 4

I had the two grands today. From about 7:30 until 5.  They are 3 1/2 and 7 months. I was super fortunate today: they both took an afternoon nap AT THE SAME TIME!!  I didn’t take advantage of that time for yoga though. I am on the Board of Directors for the North Carolina Quilt Symposium and am writing a blog for that group.  I had some business to take care of and by the time that was done, naps were over.

After dinner, I waited about 30 minutes (my yoga teacher says 60-90 minutes…) and did a 20 minute yoga sequence of Sun Salutations and Warrior I and Warrior II.

I have several slightly sore muscles all over my body. Not sore enough to be a bother, but enough to let me know that what I am doing is having an effect on my body!

How is your challenge going?

100 day challenge – Day 3

I chose to wait until almost bedtime tonight to do a slow stretching routine that would work on my very tight hips and stretch my low back and help me relax for sleep.  We’ve (I’ve) had a busy week with a lot of hustle and bustle, late nights and early mornings.  Today I chose to sleep in a bit, go to church, and then read and take a nap this afternoon. Today was all about caring for myself.  I took the pressure off myself to do yoga earlier in the day. I’m glad I did. The few minutes I spent just now was very relaxing and my hips and back feel better.



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